The Truth Behind All These Lies

January 17, 2010
By Kaymaire39 BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
Kaymaire39 BRONZE, Prior Lake, Minnesota
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My feelings for you I have been trying to hide
Trying to forget them and put them aside.
I keep telling myself these feelings are wrong
I have to pull it together I have to be strong.
But hiding my feelings has been tearing me down
and lost in my thoughts I am slowly begening to drown.
To save myself id have to let loose
but quite honestly id rather tie my own noose
I don’t know what im so afraid of
maybe its this feeling called love.
the longer I hide, the weaker I get
is not telling you something ill regret?
what exactly would I tell you
Would I tell you that your eyes are the most unbelivable shade of blue
or that your smile makes my heart skip a beat
and with out you my world would be incomplete
whould I tell you about the joy your laughter brings
or that I know all of your favorite things
and If I told you what would you say
would you walk away or would you stay
I think loosing you is what I fear most
But, my true feelings have never been so close
My true feelings nothing but death can hide
so its up to me I have to deicide
because make up and masks and blankets wont do
Not even my sense of humor can hide the way that I feel about you

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