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I Still Remember

January 17, 2010
By brianne02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
brianne02 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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How could I forget
The way your hand fit mine,
How can you regret
All the times we used to shine.

How could I forget
The smell of your cologne,
How can you regret
Calling me your own.

How could I forget
The way you held me tight,
How can you regret
Being with me every night.

How am I to forget
The moment we first kissed,
How do you regret
Our love that you once missed.

How do you expect me to forget
The sound of your voice,
How could you ever regret
Something that was once your choice.

I still remember everyday
I don’t think I’ll ever forget,
It breaks my heart to hear you say
I’m the one thing you regret.

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