Inuyasha , the final act , episode 15

January 17, 2010
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Inuyasha the Final Act – Episode 15 (True Heir)

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The time has finally come for the final face off between the 2 brothers. After the previous episode where Inuyasha and gang saved Kohaku, Rin and Jaken from Naraku’s attack, Sesshomaru returns from his visit to Totosai. While returning from his visit, Sesshomaru was visited by Naraku’s minion, Byakuya of Dreams. Byakuya is asked by Naraku to pass Sesshomaru a fragment of the Mirror demon’s mirror. With fragments of the demon being scattered on Tenseiga, Tenseiga will be able to absorb the demonic energies of Tetsusaiga.

Meeting Inuyahsa, Sesshomaru asks Inuyahsa to draw his sword and be ready for battle. However, Inuyasha finds it absurd and refuses to do so. Sesshomaru then attacks Inuyasha with Meido Zangetsuha. Inuyasha, in the nick of time, escapes the attack with Jaken. Inuyasha picks up the scent of Naraku on Tenseiga and Byakuya appears at the same time. He then sents both of them to another realm, so that no one can disturb their battle. After sending them into the realm, Totosai arrives in front of the rest of the gang. He then use his demon bull to show the rest what was happening at the other side.

Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga has absorbed Tetsusaiga’s demonic energy and has the upper-hand in this battle. Having no demonic energy, Inuyahsa was forced to turn into his demonic form. In this form, when both swords clash, some of Inuyahsa’s demonic energy is being flowed back to him. Sesshomaru then sense Tenseiga’s eagerness to be one with Tetsusaiga. Since Sesshomaru is very attached to his father’s heirloom sword, he will not give it in so easily. After defeating Inuyasha with his Meido Zangatsuha, Sesshomaru throws the sword in together with Inuyasha. Tetsusaiga reacts with Tenseiga and transforms into the Dragon-scaled sword. Seeing that there is no other demon vortex, Inuyahsa trusts Tetsusaiga and cuts through his own demon vortex. This then causes the vortex to expand, nearly covering the entire Meido. However, seeing that Inuyasha is about to get stronger, Naraku starts to control Tenseiga again. And attacks Inuyasha, which also leaves miasma in the attack. Seeing Naraku’s intervention, Sesshomaru reclaims the sword, and made Naraku believe that he would finish Inuyasha off.

With the 2 brothers fighting again, instead of wanting to destroy Inuyahsa, Sesshomaru actually scraps off the fragments and soon Tenseiga breaks into 2. Tetsusaiga then claims Meido Zangatsuha as part of the sword. Inuyahsa, is then affected by Naraku’s miasma and blacks out. Sesshomaru relieves Inuyahsa of that and he awakens. Having the new attack, Inuyasha then have to find a way to use his sword, in his own fashion. Soon, he finds a light, which he cuts with the new Black Testsusaiga and saves Sesshomaru and himself from heading into the underworld.

Having being saved from the underworld, Inuyasha understand that it was Tenseiga that guided him, in the form of the light. Totosai then suggests that Sesshomaru should bring Tenseiga, which came back from the underworld a complete form. Not wanting a sword that cannot destroy, Sesshoaru leaves. However, Rin takes the sword from Totosai and promise to give it to him. Sesshomaru is just one step away from getting a sword that he can call his own, and it is a sword that has far greater power; but he does not know it.

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Just to keep all fan of Inuysha , update of the new Production ; the Final Act

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