Death in my eyes

January 15, 2010
By xXTragedyToBeXx BRONZE, Cameron, North Carolina
xXTragedyToBeXx BRONZE, Cameron, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
You can choke on your misery

Death is one thing we hate
Us humans we must live
And lives we must take
Why must it happen?
It wouldn't seem fair
To you or to me
But this life we must bare
All of us live
and all of us die
So what if the world
was lost in my eyes?
Would peace be acquired
Yes, but of course
Would death not transpire?
Sadly it would come in sorts
Death is key in this life
Whether you think so or not
What would happen to people
in pain and distraught?
Would we just watch them suffer?
Is that what we're taught?
No, it's not what I have learned
I learned that people must take their turn
Wheither they're ready or not, it shall come
On Tuesday or Wednesday, nobody knows
Yet in this world we'll end up lost and alone
Only for a moment so no need to fear
So let out every last one of your tears
It happens to everyone
So just sit and breathe
Be optimistic
And set your mind free
Though it's awful and inconvinent
There's something you must see
Though dangerous with love
This life we must leave
So live while you can
and never let go
Of your dreams and fears
Let the world know

The author's comments:
I know people death, but some people hate life too. It's just another thing in this world we must cope with.

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natester said...
on Jan. 28 2010 at 10:26 am
Death is not a scary thing!!!!! I am not afraid of death only the pain of dying. Death is the start of paridise forever. So okay poem but it shows the wrong side of death.


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