Here's to you

January 4, 2010
I cried again tonight
Those familiar kind of tears
I couldnt even fight
The rebirth of all my fears

I hate that I still miss you
The way I do today
So much more than I'm used to
More than I can say

The way your arms felt
Your lips on mine
Enough to make me melt
Everything felt so fine

Your hair, your eyes
That small little grin
Really its no surprise
That you're on my mind again

Kiss leads to something more
Your breath on my ear
My heart hit the floor
Washing away all fear

Then I started thinking
While my tears were falling
How our love started shrinking
When did this start stalling.

You were mean
So very unkind
How could I not have seen
How was I so blind

I hated how your were to me
The things you used to say
What a really jerk you could be
While still begging me to stay

You know you never could
Tell me why you wanted me
Or you just never would
I guess that's how you'll always be

But even after all
Tonight I cry for you
I've seem to hit a wall
I just hate that I have to hate you

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