One’s never-ending search of Eccentricity

January 2, 2010

I know it’s so cliché but
Do you think we could escape
For just one night?
Would it be alright if we just left this place?
Cause everything I know is getting old
I can’t hear my own heartbeat with
The doldrums pounding on and on
A more confounding lifestyle is what I’m yearning for
And I’m finally learning just to let go
Of everything I used to know
I’m dying for a life in Technicolor
Black and white just doesn’t suit me
Won’t you design a new me?
Don’t you resign yourself to
Coloring inside the outlines
The lines of the page make me
Feel so restricted
And conflicted; I’m learning to search for
What isn’t there, hidden in the shadow of a silhouette
I promise you won’t regret throwing what you knew away
For a brand new day

The day to day routines make me
Feel caged, outraged at the notion
Of falling in line with the crowd
No, I will not resign to conformation
Hesitation is waste of precious time
Hasten your pace in order to find
The secrets of years beyond our time
Is it a crime to feel trapped sometimes?
Suffocation is abundant in this
Claustrophobic mindset of redundancy
Playing the role of a mere statistic
Who wants to be realistic when idealism
Flourishes with surrealism in the unconscious mind
No, I’m just biding time in order to come up with
Some sort of plan, so that we can
Have our story book ending
Though in the act of achieving
Our desired result of happiness, we are deceiving
And demolishing
The sole purpose of wanting to escape:
To run away from the overused
Abused ideas of our society
Yet in finding what we most desire
We conform again to the ever-so
Stereotypical way of life
And all our strife, would be in vain
The chain and cycle of sameness returns
And what we yearn for fades away:
To break away from our day to day
Expected, anticipated, premeditated way
Of living our lives
Tell me: Is there really anyway
To stray
From a life so utterly cliché?

The author's comments:
This piece is about someone who is searching to find an escape from their cliché, common way of life. What they end up discovering is that, while attempting to be different from the crowd, they find themselves in the most cliché situation of all. It challenges the reader to wonder: if everyone is striving to be unique, is anyone trully unique?

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