the overlooked

January 7, 2010
Born into the ghetto but never was a statistic plan
Project housing, single mom, doesn't even know his dad
But he can't focus on that cause that's exactly what holds him back
Plan of attack, get his education and never look back

He's working extra hard cause the chips are stacked against him
No one has ever reached out a hand to try and help him
His moms proud of her son and wont let him get sucked in

They've been trying to move outta there for God knows how long
They dream of swimming pools, and houses with well cut lawns

Now they're waking to the sounds of a train station
Prostitutes, drug feens, cracked out faces
People told them "Face it. Look at where you come from, you ain't never gonna make it"

Now you ask "what ever happened to them? That mother and son"
Well the world moved forward and we forgot about them
We forgot about their hopes, we forgot about their dream
We forgot about their stories, we forgot about their needs.

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