Gossip Girl

January 7, 2010
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A disease with many side effects.
A stab to the heart, a point and laugh situation.
A society enclosed by words that filtrate through the bodies of femininity.
One story passed along the path of deep feelings.
A test that every girl would fail,
some more than others in the categories of hatred, envy, and self-esteem.

High school, the core of Gossip.
Fables and fiction we share with our peers spread like lava, quick and painful.
The desire of fitting in.
Gossip becomes your friend.
You only realize once graduation rolls around,
the number of people you hurt.
The ones who didn’t procure the spread of the disease.
Ones who did nothing wrong.
And the ones, who decided to follow the “in crowd” and Gossip about you,
Yes you.

Gossip, an epidemic with an antidote.
Face yourself, face others, and abdicate your longtime friend known as gossip.
She was too clingy for you anyway.

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