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January 7, 2010
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As I look back on 2009 I see all of my mess-ups how I am not trying in school and how much its going to hurt me. When I look back I see the things I could of done to make my life better. Also I see what I did to make my life worse. What I see is all the missing homework that I had and I just couldn’t find in the black hole I called my book bag. But also when I look back I see some good things like the things the grades I’ve gotten on my test which allow me to strive through the homework grades I missed.

Next As I look forward on the future 2010 I see how I improve in turning in my homework and become a good student who is easy to teach. I also see all the things that will help me in the near future. And things that will help me become an honor roll student. And I won’t have a black hole book bag anymore. I also see me helping around the house and doing more than I usually do which is not a lot at all.

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