January 6, 2010
By ahslax29 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
ahslax29 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Subject: Stress Management

I am writing this memo to explain some of the causes of stress and how to manage stress throughout the day. There are 10 simple steps to respite stress...

1. Get a good nights rest. Getting good sleep can help lower stress and thwart the effects of stress.

2. Eat Healthy. Eating healthy food can keep your mind off your body which can ubiquitous to a lot of people.

3. Listen to your favorite music. Listening to your favorite music can help lower stress and help you relax and get rid of excruciating pain.

4. Exercise. Exercising can help take your mind off of stress. Reverberating this can eventually lower stress down to levels of enjoyment.

5. Take a warm bath or shower. Taking a shower or bath and help you relax and succumb from all the stress in your life.

6. Get a massage. Getting a massage can help take your mind off of the problems which can reduce maligrant on your body.

7. Take a nap. Taking a nap can help clear your head and get rid of the all the fretful things in your life.

8. Take a vactions. Going to a remote area can help reduce stress.

9. Plan out your time. It will help you from worrying about what you need to do and by when.

10. Talk to a friend. Being a harbinger can help reduce stress.

Doing these 10 simple steps can help reduce your stress and make your life easier. Some feedback would be great if possible.

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