Can you guess what I am?

January 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Watch as I rip apart hearts of those who once knew her,
as I erase the mind and fill it with incoherent thoughts,
as I make her eyes stare blankly at you,
while I make yours drop thick water blots.
Watch as I shatter her life,
as I shatter your hope,
as I make her appear apathetic,
while you can only mope.
Watch as I make her speak of nonentity,
as I dissolve your belief,
as I make her hands quiver,
while you have no relief.
Watch as I make it too much to bare,
as she cries of confusion,
while you just sit in that chair.
Watch as I kill her memories,
as I whither her brain,
as I break all of her bonds,
while you’re driven insane.
Watch as I make your family dysfunctional,
as I make her shocked when you call her "gram",
as I plague her with this sickness,
can you guess what I am?

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