What is my REAL name?

January 5, 2010
My real name is Aries

Don’t be fooled by the soft exterior perceived as a sensitive Piceses,
Look inside and you can see the inferno
Fiery as a spring Equinox
Innocence isn’t the word to describe
The feeling of confusion I feel inside.

In my dreams my name was Taurus

Deliberate about my own life,
But too lazy to take action
The promiscuous girl who doesn’t care
Thin stiletto heels and long brown hair.

Secretly I know my name is Leo

I’ve centered myself
Gold and fiery shades of fur soar
The mighty lion always comes out and roar

My mother and father think I’m two different people

Gemini is what they think my name is
Twins at heart but only one at bay
It could be Siamese, but only one can win
Am I really me or is it my twin

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