Just a Chance

December 21, 2009
I know all the reason;
I've heard every argument you could give.
I've seen first hand what he's like;
I've known him longer than you.
I know it's a waste of time;
it's obvious he's still not over you.
So over and over I ask;
"Why am I putting my heart on the line?"
And over and over I list his faults;
though none of them can make theses feelings go away.
I know he's smarter than you think;
he just let himself be pulled in.
Everyone needs an escape;
his is just more drastic than most.
If someone would give him a chance;
maybe he'd try a little harder.
How can you believe in yourself;
when no one seems to believe in you?
No ones made of steel;
no matter what you might think.
Words can hurt him too;
just like you he's not immune.
So now I sit by and wait;
wait until he realises what he's always overlooked.

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