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December 21, 2009
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We consider ourselves sisters, family if you will,
Where we lay for one another is a space you can't fill.
Not seeing each other is what we consider the worst,
There are eight of us total, and to me I'd be the first.

It started the two of us, neither one like the other,
We were best friends before preschool, along with our brothers.
Out on her trampoline was where we used to play Twister,
When she had thought she was moving I knew I would miss her.

In the middle of fourth grade is where I met my best friend,
Whenever I needed one she had a pencil to lend.
Some might say she is bossy and some might say she is mean,
But whenever we are together, we make a great team.

In fifth grade I became friends with she who's never a bore,
Who knew then that she would come to eat cake off of the floor!
She's the type of person who is always very funny,
I sometimes think of her as the energizer bunny.

Jealousy and hatred is what I felt for number five,
I do not know how I hated her, my friend who does dive.
She says, "I don't know" and "I don't care" quite a lot,
And being solemn and quiet is something she is not.

Number six is the smart one, whom I met through number three,
Now she's at BGA, our friendship is not always free.
She loves to be heard and demands silence when she's speaking,
When it comes to Secret Santa, she's one to be peaking.

Number seven is always sick and is very hyper,
When she was in preschool her combacks were of a viper!
Her happiness radiates off of her as if it's in rays,
I miss seeing her at school, now that she's at BGA.

For a couple of weeks, we seven were all that we had,
'Till number eight came along and we could never be sad!
We laughed and we cried and some of us walked into a door,
But one day we decided we needed just one more.

We became friends with number eight through one major scandal,
I've learned lavender is her favorite scent of candle.
She always has our backs and she is up for anything,
If we ever want to talk, she does enjoy listening.

Although two of us are now going to different schools,
We've all agreed that staying friends will be one of our rules.
From cheering us up, to having a pencil to lend,
We will be there for each other, best friends until the end.

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