My Favorite Holiday

December 21, 2009
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As I count down the last few days till Christmas meets my home,/ I make a long list for my family over the phone/ Even though I know I'll get clothes or money to fill my needs/ I will stil be happy with their gifts even though I plead// Everyday gets more aggravating when I see store's gifts/ I can't wait till I go to the store and use the amll's lifts/ I can't think of a better day for opening presents/ I looked on top stores to see people looked like peasants// So many presents to choose from I can't decide which one/ Going shopping and picking what is so much fun/ From games to music I can't choose, it's all wonderful/It's like walking in a kids book, it is so colerful//When will Christmas come I've been waiting so long for this day/ In the morning i will go downstairs and see the gifts lay/The tree will be sparkling and filled with many attractions/My fami9ly comes and helps in the wonderful action//Christmas is here, I can smell the food cooking on the stove/Aimed right at the gigantic tree is where everyone dove/One year of waiting isd worth it for this amazing day/Once I saw those big presents, I was like a beast at bay//There is singing and laughter ion my loving and warm home/Down by the kitchen next to the food is where I will roam/I love to eat, especially a good warm home cooked meal/Holding a drum stick in my hand! I just love how it feels//Now it's time for everyone to sit down and tell a tale/I enjoy listening to them and hear how trhey have failed/Everyone laughs at the jokes and has an amazing time/I love this holiday because everyone uis so kind//When everything is done and it's late the fun doesnt end/My family stays over since we have a home to lend/There is more laughs to go around even if it's midnight/Atmy house there is always room and filled with bright light//Christmas is finshed and everyone has said their goodbyes/
Until next year when the tree is up and more gifts will lie./ In my head I am thinking one more painful year to go./ Do I have any patience? I really don't even know!//

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MeHNaHaYblE said...
May 17, 2010 at 11:20 am
great story man
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