What is Love?

December 21, 2009
By Jesse Masters BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jesse Masters BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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There is something I an not sure of and it is love./
Where did it come from?Whould have to say it came from above./
All I want to know is if she feels the same way about me./
Only time will tell and all i can do is wait and see./

As I walk down the hall, that special girl greeted me./
She may not know but my feelings for her itch like a flea./
Just seeing her everyday sends me off to cloud nine./
She is complex like algebra and simple like lines./

Some days she will see me in the hall and give me a hug./
On other days she will be mean and crabby like a bug./
The days that we hang together are amazing and great./
All i want to do is take her on a date./

I will be at home studying; she just calls to say hi./
Reality does not come back untill I say goodbye./
When we are outside, her hair shines like the morning sun./
the list of things i like about her will never be done./

On the morning of competition, I had a feeling./
All i could do was sit and wait for the day's revealing./
As the bus was rolling, my stomach was slowly churning./
My heart was beating so fast that I think it was burning./

Through the competition, my feeling for her left my mind./
right after, the feelings came back when she was kind./
When hanging with her afterwards, she did not seem herself./
She gave me a picture of her; I put it on my shelf./

When it comes to me and her, things are all up in the air./
I will give her compliments and most times she does not care./
In the end of the day, she makes me go very insane./
No matter how hard I try, my work goes right down the drain./

Days go on and everyday her mood changes like weather./
I don't think I should write her that letterwith the feather./
People will always say all you need is a little love./
All my love for her has flown away like a big white dove./

Right now i'm living life and that's all i want to incur./
When my special girl reads this, she will know I don't need her./
Really, love is not that great the way people say of it./
When love comes around again, I won't need to throw a fit./

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