Above the Border

December 21, 2009
By Vera Viran BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Vera Viran BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I was on FaceBook and got a message from my cousin/
The group of people going would be more than a dozen/
On Saturday we would be going to Dave & Busters/
When we were driving there were two little clusters//

It was Saturday morning and we were getting ready/
Rishal arrived at the house and I said, "lets go Freddy"/
It was about 12:30 when we left my aunt's big house/
It would be so quiet inside that you could hear a mouse//

We were on our way to the location in Vaughn Mills/
We took out some pictures that looked like they were from The Hills/
On the way there, we were talking about some crazy things/
Someone asked"Vera why do you have on so many rings?"//

The trip to Dave & Busters in Vaughn was not very long/
Suddenly my sister began to sing a drinking song/
We all busted into laughter because it made no sense/
The atmosphere was the total opposite of intense//

When we arrived at the arcade, excite filled our eyes/
We were all going our own ways but there were no byes/
But first we had to purchase the cards with coins filled in it/
There was a variety of games so we did not sit//

Throughout the day we played many different kinds of fun games/
There were so many we couldn't remember all the names/
After we ate lunch, we cashed in the tickets that we got/
If we knew the prizes we so bad, we would bother not//

Before we left the arcade, we took out a group picture/
When we were walking out, we saw the weird physic fixture/
Although we were very tired, we had a lot of fun/
Even though we bought a lot candy, we would have none//

For we would all eat it up before we got home/
With all of the tickets we had, we made a huge dome/
We had so much fun that we did not really want to leave/
My sister then looked at me like she was going to grieve//

No one will be forgetting this trip in the near future/
Not the girls and not the boys, neither him or either her/
I thank my cousin very much for taking us with him/
So when we got back home, we turned the lights to a nice dim//

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