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Thunder, Crashes, and Smashes

December 21, 2009
By zhodge BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
zhodge BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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The rancid mustard crept its way out of the small packet./I was consuming my hotdog when I heard the racket./Rumbling echoed through the sky; I thought nothing of it./ The bright flash lit up the room, the sight was quite exquisite.//The room around me was a static silence of nothing./ However people around me were gazing at something./Slowly suspense crawled suspiously in all of our minds./ We could see it; we could hear it, everywhere there were signs.//We looked outside and no longer were people in plain sight./All that was perceptible was a narrow gleam of light./Confusion swept through every small particle of my veins./It felt as if all our bodies were being locked in chains.//As I gazed at the television I was in a shock./It was so quiet I could hear the ticking of the clock./Men in uniform gave warnings that danger was now near./ We only prayed that they would not come visit us here.//Thunder and crashes roared in the surrounding area./The sounds made me nervous, I went into hysteria./I was shushed and scolded for the way I was behaving./The sky was so dark outside, it felt like daylight savings.//Fear spoke to us in a way that we did not comprehend./The doors ratteld and there was no way for us to defend,/Yet i did not understand what was happening outside./ When I asked another person I could tell they lied.//Finally we were allowed outside of our very small home./ now that we were finally free I was allowed to roam,/To see what had come to our town while I was locked away./ What I had seen was not a pleasant sight, to my dismay.//As I was peering out the window I could look and see,/ What this one, big, treacherous storm's effects had left for me./The storm had swiped out the whole town, even the school was gone./It had lifted the town and placed it on someone's front lawn.//The townspeople were not as upset as I expected./There was another thing that I had never connected./ Apparently,the thunder had not been thunder at all./There had been loud explosions causing the buildings to fall.

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