The Pop-Quiz

December 21, 2009
By southtrack BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
southtrack BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Nicole and Maggie walk happily up to the lunch line./ They talk about their Snapple drinks which taste very divine./ Nicole happily hands the cashier the money she owes./ The kind cashier counts the money but she already knows.//

Now they walk back to the lunch table with their yummy food./ As always, Nicole and Maggie were in very good moods./ At the lunch table everyone talks about their homework./ Talking about their homework makes everyone go berserk.//

Everyone's food was gone because we ate like big, fat pigs!/ Maggie was being silly and pulled out a funny wig./ When the bell rang we got up and walked to period nine./ I hurried because I didn't want to get stuck behind./

Period nine is the hardest class of the entire day./ Algebra is very serious with no time for play./ My teacher said, "Clear your desks we are having a pop quiz."/ "Oh no!" I explained. "I did not study for this!"//

On the test there are not many questions I understand./ I am so nervous I will fail, with my pen in my hand./ I frantically rush through the questions and hand in my test./ Still extremely nervous, I hope I did my very best.//

With that weight off my shoulders, I walk to period ten./ Now its time for art class in which we are drawing big hens./ Art is my favorite class out of the whole school day./ It is the last period until I go home to stay.//

Now that my art class is over, I walk to my locker./ In my locker, someone's sticker reads; "I am a rocker!"/ Once I have all of my books, I walk over to the car./ I am extremely glad that my grandma does not park far.//

I buckle my seat-belt as my grandma starts up the car./ On the short ride home, my grandma asks me who my friends are./ I un-buckle as my grandma pulls into the driveway./ I become very happy because I am home to stay.//

I throw my bag on the floor and walk up all of the stairs./ I walk into my room and see all of my teddy bears./ Ecstatically I leap onto my bed to take a rest./ "Oh no," I said, "I really hope I did good on that test."

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