A Day at the Races

December 21, 2009
By Anonymous

The large yellow bus drives loudly up the path to the park/ The bus makes a sharp turn around the paths final arc/ I watch in anticipation as the team disembarks/
I have never ran a meet again the South Troy Sharks//
They wear bright uniforms of gold with a shark on the front/ I see that their faces are determined and blunt/ They are a team who is confident and is never fazed/ But after they are beaten, they will be extremely dazed//
They begin to stretch now, on the other side of the track/ I listen as the captain offers a plan of attck/ I stand and stretch, listening to the coach/ "Keep an eye on them, when they start to slow, make your approach"//
The red clad official yells for the runners to allign/ I listen up as he explains the meaning of his sign/ "I'll tell you ready, then you'll hear the sound of the gun"/ We all tense up, completely ready for the coming run//
I stare transfixed at the official's unloaded pistol/ My determination in this race is a hard crystal/ It is clear to me what I want, it is unbreakable/ My excitement is something that is quite unshakeable//
The gun is fired, smoke's in the air, now I start to run/ The first mile begins; right now it's still running for fun/ Moving starts to get harder as the mile continues on/ And it is all of those hills and sprints that I depend on//
The second mile is important, now people start to slow/ This is the point where I have to make my running speed grow/ I pass the large crowd of parents, cheering on everyone/ It seems like forever since I heard the sound of the gun//
The third mile is the most important distance by far/ Here it only matters what kind of sprinter you are/ I begin the final three hundred, a kid passes me/ Exhaustion strangles me and will not allow me free//
I run across the finish line, I feel like I did great/ I set a new time for myself, Twenty One: twenty eight/ I lie on the ground, basking in my own satisfaction/ This time next week, I will be ready for more action///

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