Doomed Son

December 20, 2009
A boy,
Brought up in a world of death,
Doomed from the start
Enabled only by his persistence,
Forcing him to continue
Going along a journey all his own.
His ambition and courage
Inhibited him from continuing his project.
Jealous bystanders,
Killer butterflies,
Leaving no trace of their terrible plot.
Malice dripping from their tongues,
Newly formed stains lie below
On their previously starch white shirts.
Portly politicians
Questing for more power,
Soulless deadbeats,
Trudge along a lonely road.
Under the foot of his enemy the doomed son falls,
Vantage lying with his enemy.
Watery liquid spews from him,
Xenophobic witnesses flee at the sight,
Young and old entirely overflowing with disdain,
Zero tolerance for the mess they created.

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