Life through sad eyes

December 20, 2009
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Life as seen through human eyes
Made different by each mind
Some thoughts lead to sure demise
Cursing much of our kind

But if I'm asked, I would say
"Emotion is a bless"
New doors can open everyday
Eliminate your stress

I know too well what sadness is
I watched it kill my dad
I understood that pain of his
Though I was but a lad

He had worked hard all of this life and lost his legacy
Always fighting with his wife
He drank to be happy

One day he fell and his brain bled
He even forgot my name
Fighting life on his death bed
He gave to all his shame

But growing up the man I knew
Was strong, Happy, and kind
Though after battle with his brew
He slowly lost his mind

Its sad how such material loss
Could cave in a life like his
Working hard 'till made the boss
He died long side his buiss.

Having lived through such a hell
When I was just fourteen
Countless tears from my eyes fell
Depression ruled my everything

I know too well what sadness is
I must reiterate
But in though times our strength can grow
And make our minds more great

If life projected from your eyes
Seems sad, helpless, or scared
Please don't stray to your demise
Hope is everywhere

Happiness is what we all seek
Never think it's gone
And if you do your heart is weak
And forgive me - YOU'RE WRONG

Down to a simple ice-cold drink
Pleasure can be found
Small things like this you'll never think
Could lift you off the ground

So if a tear comes to your eyes
Lift your head! Stand Tall!
Just grab an ice-cold lemonade
And put love above all

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