Words for the Estranged

December 7, 2009
By TrueSaint BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
TrueSaint BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Brick walls stand in mankind's way and the,
English Empire's sun has set for good,
Now when the world is gone when,
Everything is deranged and disturbed,
Voices die,
Oh the Lord will cry while the
Lies sing,
Enter as the hand that throws,
Nero's fiddle to the stagnant Earth,
Carry yourself as the savior,
Entangle yourself in the mess of cleansing the earth of distress

The author's comments:
Just a note of explanation - this is an acrostic poem; the first letters of each line spell the word "benevolence". It was written without the commas but I used them here to delineate the line breaks. I hope people will feel the urge to see what's happening around us and actively engage with the earth's and society's problems.

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