December 14, 2009
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Mrs. Wampuszyc said,
Go over and pick
your lab partners now.
Just pick anyone—
But make sure it’s someone who gets their work done.

I’m thinking can it be that easy?
I am fifteen, a sophomore, born in ‘94
I attend the class of Human Anatomy
a class where I don’t belong.
I am the only sophomore student in this class.
I take the first few hesitant steps that lead
Over to where the other students are, I cross a few
Familiar faces, and then Abby,
Smiling with her red hair tied up in ribbons I
take a breath wondering if ill be excepted.

It may be easier for you than it is for me
At my young age of fifteen. But I guess I’m what
I am and can’t pretend to be, what you want me to be:
Or they or she or he, or me. I stand in the class room.
(I hear the laughter of two friends) Where---who?
I like aspire big, laughing with friends, and enjoying life,
I’d like to become a head of the medical department,
or a doctor--- a surgeon, a nurse, or pediatrician.

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