I Move The Stars For No One

September 17, 2009
By , Greenport, NY
And they concurred...

Breathtaking was the sight
That chilled September night
Beneath the Idaho skies
With the stars reflected in my eyes

And they assented...

In the moment I could blink
The sky was stained with ink
The Great Writer's quill pot upended
Black and azure blended

And they acquiesced...

The Ursas lumbered across the skies
And Andromeda wailed her silent cries
Mother Cassiopeia stood vain and bold
The telestial bodies told stories of old

And they consented...

Yet in this awesome atmosphere
A cloud of doubt began to appear
My nerves were set with great unease
A chill cut through from a dark breeze

And they agreed...

What should happen had I been alone with you?
A shudder shook my body through
I sensed a danger unidentified
I was glad the girls had come along for the ride

And they conceded...

I could hold it back no longer
The fear was getting stronger
Later that night I confessed
And with the Spirit's comfort was I blessed

And they paralleled...

Warning had touched my roommates' minds
And they saw my demise, all ways, all kinds
As I had felt the danger in that night
They could not let me with you on a solo flight

And they knew.

Breathtaking was the sight
That chilled September night
And I may see it again without strife
Without mine and my roommates' souls fearing for my life

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