Long Road Now

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

It's been a long road now

I'v been rollin along for you

But here I am without you for good wow?

Wasted all my time if I only Knew

Why didnt you call me?

I wouldv listend all day

Instead you flee

and go the opposite way

I was half dead the day she broke me

But thanks to you I kept on walkin

Now everythings just shuttin down on key

Now everyones just talkin

No one knew you like I did

No one loved you like I did

Now here I am without you

Which road will I take

With you gone

Which decision will I make

With you gone....

I'm nothing a nobody

It takes you to die to be told im loved and everyone cares?

No Bulls***

It's not right

No one will ever know the real reasons like I do

And yet i have to live with those knowings

I Dont wanna hurt

I Dont wanna have you to miss

It's time for me to follow for once

It's time for me to go

Live in the sky with the two greatest people I know....

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