August 29, 2009
I'm from where rolling tongues are what makes our admired language just as sassy as our rice, beans and chicken.

I'm an ancestor of the activists that built the great wall of China because equality has been stolen for cheap labor.

I'm from the wealfare program because baby daddy's end up in jail, corners all times of the day, taking virginities of innocent girls run and try to push from first base to a home run with another girl who don't know better.

Maybe he's the one that took your innocents.

Maybe your baby girl when you're working 9 to 5 just to make ends meet.

I'm related to the people who have no problem killing for some pity bull.

Robbing people's heart beats and take off running, not caring because the po, po is on them.

"You have the right to remain silent."

I'm the rise of the gun shots going off in the wee hours in the morning.

Bang, Bang

I am the future.

I am the voice swallowed behind deepened fear like a girl leaving her home for the first time by herself.

The wind tells me to go on and rise above all the negatives because it made me give way for the positives.

I am the hood of oppression, depression and gentrification.

The voice swallowed by the people who have more comparison with the most common population where I'm from.

I'm the streets that we call the hood a.k.a. home because it's all we've known.

Tolerate no one's bull.

Because we live the hood through pain and sorrow and fight injustice where our past generations has come from.

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