December 17, 2009
Statistics say that I am different
Statistics say thst this is bad.
Statistics say that I should follow,
what ever is the latest fad

But what about me?
Who cares about me?
My statistics,
Do they matter?
Do people care
What I think thereafter?

Who makes these laws, bias and unjust?
Some say to erase them,
is an definate must!

Who says reading is wrong?
Who says mocking is right?
What's wrong with jeans from Good Will,
As opposed to those skinny and tight?

But what then becomes
of the statistic makers?
Will they now only be known
as ex- statistic makers and haters?

No no no!
Not so fast!
Were we not mocked in the recent past?

We shall be the bigger person
We shall not now judge the people
Who judged us time before

But stand up for our victory
Stand up in what we're for

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