December 17, 2009
By EndlessFlight BRONZE, Bronx, New York
EndlessFlight BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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That's how I roll!

Rock solid, they will stay
Never leave the rested cyper
Now my whim attracts sadness
I'm not the pied piper
But my knees, they ache in pain
I will never leave this spot
I'll stay as long as it takes
Till my flesh and bones rot
The waves are pouring in
I'm consumed by the ache
But with this pain I make ammends
I will not see the dreadful wake
Wishing has no ends
For this has just begun
I've never wished for this
But I can't just leave and run
I'll regret all my mistakes
My accidents and my wrongs
Most of all, my many purposes
Oh, they could sing a song
Sing a song in pathetic symphony
Of pathetic sympathy, my guess
The attention was all on me
But now hopes patients is my test
The cliff edge just broke off
He's careening out of proportion
I can't help to use my vision
His is probably in a distortion
Yes it's real life
Denying that would be a shame
Because denying life would just mean death
And it doesn't sound the same
And as I cradle him in my arms
He sees the reaper and his scythe
His grip must be stronger
He's holding on for dear life
I can't let it happen now
Not another movie clichè
I can never let go
As he will never be able to stay
My conscious mind won't allow that
My personas won't care
All they would do is decide
"Do I put it here or put it there?"
The energy is slowly dwindling
And yet I have no choice
I can't let the impossible happen
The family must rejoice
But death is on his side
Such a trickery, the clever one
But I've accepted his fate
That it'll be the ground or the sun
And I'll try bargain the life
Which approached me carelessly
But my attempts will be futile
No matter if pulled off nicely
The chips remain in place
And in deadlock, it all seems stable
But the acids building up
I can't keep life in my broken cradle
It's time for me to let go
I'm altering the way of life
I was questioning the meaning
It was a gun fight, I brought knives
And as the spirit left
And as I waved goodbye
All that I could do
Was to wallow in pain and cry
For my mission in this universe
Was to care only about me
But my new objective has altered
The way I'll eternally see
This quest will never be over
And yet I got up and walked away
But I know my job will stay
For me to care another day

The author's comments:
Death within the hypocritical ones hands...

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Kozak said...
on Jan. 11 2010 at 10:16 am
Nice work, Andres! Keep up the good work, it's always helpful to challenge yourself!


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