O' grand inquietude

December 24, 2009
By , hicksville, NY
O' grand cynical architect of life, do we love and philander in strife?

O' does the radiant sun betray the night? Or does the pale lonesome moon simply miss the light?

Has the path been lost, or simply perplexed?
is the secret gone, or over vexed?

O' dearest stag nit silence, am i alone? Are my inquiries so faint in tone?

O' heavy wearying inquietude, do my irrational anxieties fall upon inattentive, indifferent ears? Tell me what fuels these deceptive, illusionary fears?

Are my racing thoughts emblematic of my systematic slipping sanity? Or are these questions mere profanity?

O' perpetual fidelity, uncover what the sands of time have amassed. Overturn the dead hand of the past.

O' compassionate deity of love, grant me deliverance from this down falling spiral. Combat society's irreverence, impede its hastening ontogenesis, so atrociously viral.

Cleanse the narcissistic, rinse there hands of the blood of the vindicated. ostracize those who desecrated.

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