A Lover's Folly

December 8, 2009
It was this Tuesday
That I was supposed to see
The girl I love,
The girl of my dreams.

But Tuesday passed
Without a call
Wednesday dawned
And Thursday falls

Friday flew
Saturday started,
And on I yearned
For my love departed!

Why the avoidance?
The absence from my life!
The complete ignorance
Caused me such strife.

I toss and I turn
In my bed at night
Waiting for her
Til dawn brings light

And on I wait
And wait some more
For her petite fist
To knock on my door.

Maybe she cheated
And just cannot face me
Oh the pain, to think
How easily she could replace me!

I can hear the words now
From her mouth she’ll spew
“Darling its over,
It’s me, not you”

How can she do this?
Ignore me as such!
When she knows I love her
Ever so much.

Was the love ailing?
Did it take a fall?
Has she left me?
Dropped me without a call?

I wallow in solitude
Bathing in my tears
My heart is broken
I’m alone with my fears

“She doesn’t love me anymore”
I exclaim to the world!
Wait, a knock on the door-
Could it be my girl?

I raise myself up
Gingerly from my chair
Peep through the peephole
And am assaulted by a hard edged stare.

“Open up you louse,
I hear you in the hall!
Why are you ignoring me?
You haven’t returned a single call!”

“Do you not love me?
Her southern voice drawls.
“What has changed your mind?
Do you dwell on my flaws?”

I tear open the door
And shout with glee
“No No I love you still!
But do you love me?”

“Why of course I do”
She sounds rather hurt.
“But if you love me,
Why have you treated me like dirt??”

“I have the same question for you”
I confess
Your lack of calls
Has caused me great distress.

“But I called, oh I called
Every single day
You never picked up
Though I had so much to say!”

“Nonsense” I shout
“This phone never rang
Never chimed, never tolled
Never hummed, never sang”

“But I called”
She quietly said
“ I don’t believe you.
This phone was dead.

I waited all night
I waited all day
But not calls were received
And none were made”

My anger rising
A sarcastic edge took my voice.
I could be the better forgiving man
But I made the choice.

I would take the low road
Of meanness, of spite
To get my fury across to her
And oh would I do it right.

I picked up the phone
And thrust it toward her
“It’s a simple device to use
You can learn how to, I’m sure.

I’ll teach you how to work it
So next time you’ll call
And I won’t be sitting here
In my funeral pall”

“But I called!!!”
From her eyes the tears ran free.
“I called every day,
Why won’t you believe me?”
To make a point
(A rather mean one)
I put the phone to my face
Down her cheeks tears still did run.

“Hello?” I mocked
“Oh thank you, I’m well”
More sobs and whimpers
And to her knees she fell.

“Believe me please
I told no lies”
I looked at her face
And to my surprise

My eyes fell to the outlet
Where the phone’s plug should be
Instead it lay on the floor
From the hole, it was free.

It had been unplugged,
Unattached from the wall
My phone had been useless
And it was all my fault.

My love’s eyes followed mine
And noticed this too
She got up from her knees
And put on her shoes.

Walked to the door
Anger lacing each step
I’ve really messed up
My meanness I regret
She’ll never forgive
It’s truly the end
I don’t blame her one bit
There’s not way for this to mend

I reach down
And plug the plug back in
I turn my back
But alas it rings!

I grab it up fast
And press it to my hear
A voice chimes through
And this I hear…

“I love you still
And I forgive you, dear”

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