Broken Childhood

December 8, 2009
By Shaycalhoon BRONZE, Gillette, Wyoming
Shaycalhoon BRONZE, Gillette, Wyoming
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Broken Hearts
Shattered dreams
My life was ripped at the seams
Broken bones
Searching for something to eat
I was the only one my dad would beat
Where has everyone gone?
Why isn’t any body here?
I can see all the cuts and bruises as I look in the mirror
Another sip of beer
Another smack
I wish he would just leave and never come back
My moms gone
My dad is home
Why can’t he just leave me alone?
Fighting to live
No one knows what is going on
Will they even notice when I am gone
Whishing that someone would help me
I never once felt loved
Can I please just get some help from above?
Is any body here or am I alone
I’m screaming loud into the night
I won’t let him hurt me not without a fight
I try to tell someone but they say I am lying
Will they believe me when I am lying on the floor dying?
When will this ever end?
Will my heart ever mend?
My mom caught him that night
I go to my room and listen to them scream and shout
Finally my mom kicks him out
The pain has finally ended
But my heart hasn’t quit mended
My past was rather rough
But he taught me how to be tough

The author's comments:
I wrote this because i grew up in a bad childhood and i wrote it to express my self

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