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love is in it.

December 9, 2009
By Glorified_Edward BRONZE, Burbank, Washington
Glorified_Edward BRONZE, Burbank, Washington
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to you ever wonder what people think of you?
do you ever crave to know the answers of to your questions you ask your loved ones, but they are to ashamed of what they have to say?
do you beleive in true love?
do you believe in what people say to you, how its not, how it is, how it isn't how things work?
true love is what?
love in general is what?
is it there?
how about where you stand today?
what about the time, where you wish you told that one person you loved them, but you were afraid of losing the friendship over it?
do you ever wish you did?
do you wish you could take back everything just to tell them how you feel?

Maybe love is it.
maybe it isn't.
long and far,
near and wide.
any part of time itself, love is in it.
love is where it wants to be.
it loves those it wants and those whom without you might die.
love lives on, as well as life.
things have happened to everyone twice, three times, maybe even a Hundred times.
Remember love is in it, and you are never alone in any situation might think you are in.
Love is in the air,
in you,
in me,
in her,
in him,
in your enemies,
and also the ones you love as well.
Love is in it, not matter what situation love is there.
...and so am I.

The author's comments:
this piece of work is for myself, and inspired by everyone around me. Life goes on in many different paths and we do not where it will take us, but soon enough we will run into tough times and it is not good. but remeber, that things have to get ugly before they get pretty. life is life whether you want it to be or not, i had to learn that love is love and that the ones you love may not love you back in the same way and that you may never be able to live again with out them but you got to realize that you can always keep them in your life if you hold them close and dont do something to cause a mishap. Life goes, Love moves on, and you WILL survive. (this poem is about every little thing i have to offer to alot of people espacually the ones i truly and most deeply love, but i cannot have)

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