Only A Dream...

December 9, 2009
By EmmuLoveable BRONZE, Upper Arlington, Ohio
EmmuLoveable BRONZE, Upper Arlington, Ohio
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Im sitting here so confused
I honestly dont know what to do
Do I sit here and cry
Do I get up and try
Try to live life
Without a tear in my eye
I have no friends
No one likes me
So how do I live life
Without crying
Someday Ill die no one will care
Cause no one even knew I was there
But say I did have friends
And they wanted my help
How do I help them
If I cant help myself
If I did have one friend
To tell me they care
Maybe I would try to help myself
Maybe I could be happy
Maybe I could dream
Instead of having nightmares
Where I die at the scene
My life would be happy
I could be me
But that will never happen
So Im done with this dream...

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