Amidst the Sea

December 3, 2009
By SiAna22 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
SiAna22 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Gentle sun-drops tumbling down
Silent understanding engulfing us all
Basking peacefully without a sound
Praying for serenity as dusk falls
Dreaming of what the family could be
Amidst the sea that was calming me
Forlorn clouds conceal the sky
Plotting to steal what was rightfully mine
As Death itself snuck closely by
She whispers composedly, “I’ll be just fine”
Losing the one that meant the world to me

Amidst the sea that was drowning me
The storm erupts into many tears
Threatening the act of something strange
“Endless” paths begin to grow near
As my parents’ relationship start to change
Witnessing a “perfect” relationship flee

Amidst the sea that was breaking me
Bashful sun-drops gaze around
Lasting soft reminders of the past
Eagerly receiving my cap and gown
As the Future begins approaching fast
Jumping and screaming with glee

Amidst the sea supporting me
Pervading sunlight colors the world
The child blossoms to be full grown
Patiently watching my dreams unfurl
As I retort, “No, I’d rather it on my own”
Living independent to the highest degree

Amidst the sea that stayed with me

The author's comments:
Personal experience tweaks and pulls on a person until he or she is built into the person standing before you that day.

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