Cynical Sigh…clops

November 24, 2009
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My life isnot a GLAMOROUS one, so you’d better stopnow, if you wanted toread about a life of fun…
Eye donot look handsome, I’m not too brite, and I wasn’t even given full site, one I is all my father gave me, u sea, it’s hard 2 distinguish a person from a tree,
I’m not the smallest guy u’ll ever meet, I have to squeeze between two mountains to take a seat,
Social isn’t a word that describes me, I’ve always been alone, and that’s how it will always be.
My little eyeland is a solitary confinement, all of my time is miserably spent.
That father of mine causes all the pane, thinking of him just drives me insane,
He abandoned me here because of his shame, he didn’t want me to carry the familyname,
Who needs that guy? Oh no not me, I just wish that I could be free!
I long for a companion, a lover, a friend, someone to let my loneliness end,
I want a family and a loving wife. but I wasn’t meant to have such a goodlife.
Nobody wants a one-I’d giant for a father, a woman wouldn’t want me either, so y bother?
I hide my sorrow by being ferocious, watching happy people, is just so atrocious.
If I can’t be cheery, neither can they, any invaders become my prey.
I’ve suffered enuff, and just can’t take it, I’ll just sit here 4ever, and crumble bit by bit!

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