Fireworks on the Lake

November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

It was the 4th of July, and we were spending the evening out on the lake.
it was one of those chilly but beautiful crystal clear nights,
the kind so dark and mystical you only see them in movies.

A gentle breeze brushed against my cheek,
and colorful fireworks began to fill the sky.
you held me in your arms,
your arms were incredibly soft and warm.

everything was going so perfectly.

your fingers intertwined with mine,
like lyrics to the perfect song.
your hands were so smooth, so delicate, so gentle.
I ran my fingers through your hair, damp and tangled,
yet warm and soft at the same time.
your face was dimly lit by starlight, innocent and beautiful.

i drifted off to sleep feeling only you and the gentle rocking of the waves.
it was one of those few precious moments where you’re truly content.

everything ended so quickly, our goodbye was a total blur.
i want to hear your voice and i want to see your smile.
i love you.

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