November 20, 2009
A picture’s worth a thousand words,
But a simple look tells a story.
From the gleam in one’s eye, a tale is told,
Of late nights, sadness, and glory.
Avoiding a stare, you shelter your eyes,
‘Don’t look at me, I have no time.’
For a glance that lingers in great sublime
Is simply out of line.
Pretty eyes draw attention from boyish stares,
Ladies deflecting their gaze with care.
So secrets will never be unfurled.
Sunglasses shield eyes from the world,
For fear of being discovered.
Students tell teachers their ‘dog ate their homework.’
Though through the looking glass, their lies are uncovered.
A friend ‘cross the room sends a friendly stare,
A pal wants to be greeted, eyes shaking hands.
With no words, communication is bare,
Though smiling eyes are the same in every land.

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