November 18, 2009
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What has come again this year?
To bring both laughs and joys and fear
It has come slowly to bring an end
Inviting, trying to be your friend

It sadly watches green life whither
And enjoys the children shivers
Shooing beasts into their nests
Besting even the bests

Using its unassailable power to reach in and chill your bones
Crackling, it watches people shuffle home
Majestically it coats the ground
Until nothing if found.

Sleeping under a blanket of white
Bringing in the early light
We are held by the cold
Waiting for the year to become old

The majestic winter brings many gifts
The great coolness makes many shifts
Bringing joy to all season
Joy of the snow, joy beyond reason

We are gifted with fresh winter air
Winter makes all things calm, cool and fair
And at the end of every ending
There is a springtime waiting.

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