Even When You're Gone

November 14, 2009
By , Pinckney, MI
I wanted to tell you
What I meant
Through words that had yet
To be spoken.
My came from my heart
My eyes
My tears
My soul.
Forming in the despondency
Of which my heart beat to
Because I knew
My tongue would cower
Before my lips had a chance
To put forth the words
In the open air
That lingered between us.

I could not
Search deep enough
Into my core
To grasp
The exact words
That my mouth would taste.
I could not
Unleash my wild emotions
To paint my blank face
As a canvass of expressions
So you would know
When your boots trailed the blood
Of your fellow soldiers
Who had challenged death,
And faced the consequences
With the honor
And pride
Of their country.
You would know
How I felt
About giving up
My most prized possession.

I took out my notebook
And tore a sheet from its seam.
My fingers numb with thought
Of all the things
I could say.
But I settled with three words
That my ink stained into that page.
That you could hold against your heart
To dig out the courage
You’d need
To come home.

I’ll miss you.

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