A Rational Appeal MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Welcome to the me generation to each his cocoon and ideals

Welcome to complacency no matter how the rest of the world feels

Where neighbors are strangers and nobody cares

That you can't swim in the ocean and you can't see through the air

And it is the routine of the living dead

It's the same business suit the same narrow-minded head

But what can bring us together in protest and in cheer

What can move all as one out of caring and not out of fear

Nothing for it is too late to care or to aid

It is time to wake up before the very grounds have decayed

By the year 2000 this earth shall be completely ingested

By the irreversible vortex of chemicals in which our industries invested

For there is no miracle cure like we want to hear again and again

I'm sorry the only solution rests in the hands of ordinary men

So sleep in your cocoon and dream as much as you can

Because when you wake you may find you are the only living man.

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