I Am She

November 8, 2009
By yupitsnads BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
yupitsnads BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
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love, live life, proceed, proqress.

anqer, frustration, pain && stress,
these were the emotions attacking my spirit like pests.
as i sat in the low key coffee place inhaling the strong fumes of ccino's && teas,
i held a calm state and spoke an articulate tonque.
meanwhile my heart screamed to me and my mind was confirminq that it was done.
i knew from lonq aqo that these were the years,
that i'd be moldinq into who i am truly meant to be.
my only problem was that there's a continous battle between the young woman i aspire to be and the younq woman that i see in the mirror staring back at me.
the true me is sassy but i never disrespectful,
she always confident and never doubtful,
adored and respected by many, she inspires in a passive way,
like obama, she enchantss you with her charm and keeps you hanqinq to every word she says.
she'll face challenqe after challenqe but will never be stopped,
she'll be underestimated and betrayed but will always stay at the top,
she refuses to let the past bind her soul and will not conform to sterotypes or to society.
she will achieve her qoals && enjoy success in it's entirety,
but she will make moves that will drop jaws && widen eyes,
oh yes ladies && qentlemen she will be unpredictable as she's on the rise.
she refuses to be labeled by the darkness of her hue or the width of her hips,
nor will she be labeled by prejudices, assumptions, biases, or any lies.
she will never confine herself or censor her mind.
knowledqe && wisdom are her weapons && happiness her by-product.
her foundation is the qenuine compassion of those who matter most and the touqh love way she was brouqht up.
as i've sat here and poured out all my true emotions, an epiphany has come to me,
i'm closer to the younq woman i envision than i thouqht i ever could be,
i must learn to develop the touqh skin that i was told to wear,
i will live && learn && not be held down by fears.
i am she, african && beautiful,
i am she, viqilant && ambitious with an uncommon strenqth that spreads from my heart to my cuticles,
i am she the qirl who has been hurt many times but refuses to be torn down,
i am she, the one who understands the secrets of society and is ready to turn that system around.
i am she, who wishes to spread to spread this passion && confidence in the hearts of younq women all around the world.
i am she, that will create a leqend that has not yet been told,
so look out world as the years draq on,
you'll always hear of me like an unforqettable melody in a sweet, sweet sonq.

The author's comments:
this is just a sample of the way i think

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