The Burning City Parenthetical

November 5, 2009
The Burning City is bright like the sun,
My eyes complain; still they beg for sleep,
But the river flows up and then falls back down,
Like Hopes, Dreams, and Everything,
The Sun goes down but life goes on,
The Moon comes up,
Days move past us, way too long,
The Moon comes up,
Love is four letters long,
Death is five,
Poetry rings out in stanzas, verses stand out in song,
Line upon line,
We find no precepts,
Just the love of nothingness,
I'd like to make myself (believe in something) real except,
There's still a feeling of nothingness,
I wish I could sleep,
But the Burning City burns bright like sun,
The smoke outside collapses (my) lungs; sleep....

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