Staring Right At Me

October 26, 2009
By puppitz14 GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
puppitz14 GOLD, Davenport, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
Ill draw a picture
Ill drawl it with a twist
Ill drawl it with a razor blade
Ill drawl it on my wrist

Staring at my hand
The one I continually scratched
Blood now smeared
It dripped as I watched

Staring at my face
The cut under my eye
Maybe I shouldn't have used that knife
Making it look like blood is what I cry

Am I disturbed?
Maybe, but I just don't care
Should I talk to someone?
Probably, but I would probably just sit and stare

You look at me seriously
And I just laugh
Yeah I have issues
But what you've seen is probably only half

I take this light-hearted
You take it is as insane
To tell you the truth I most likely am
But I just don't feel the pain!

So now you're here
With a look of surprise
But I just don't get it
This look in your eyes

I never could
when you looked at me and told me I should stop
Did you honestly think I would?

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