To Which We Owe

October 21, 2009
By , Pinckney, MI
Speak for all those damned by silence.
Too weak to stand up for their rights.
Shunned by societies distorted vision of what is God’s will.
Those who slouch when they deserve to stand.

Speak for all those harmed by frozen hearts.
Beat down with a chisel and axe,
Trying to reform the rugged stone,
Into an eye candy masterpiece.

Speak for all those who hold just under the crack of a whip.
Those who look up to the sky,
And know it will get better,
Because it’s not possible to be any worse.

Speak for all those who dig until the blood is shed.
Just looking for a deeper meaning
While others break them down,
To build themselves up.

Speak for all those who have taken a bullet,
To save us from our own nightmare.
Where the cold of death drops on their doorstep,
Just so the summer heat lingers on ours.

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