Nana MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Fade in on a warm gentle hand holding an iron.

Close-up on her face with a big smile

Show the wrinkles of time and happiness on her face.

Flash to an old toothless lady sitting in a rocking chair brushing

her dentures.

Then set up cameras in the back yard with a professional

pitcher's mound

Show the wind-up of Clemens

Pan down to a close-up on a baseball glove.

Ride the ball to the catcher's mitt.

Pan the family faces in awe

Pan to the same Nana pitching

Flash to an old woman not Nana being wheeled around an old

age home.

Flash back to Nana sitting in a rocking chair flipping channels

Switch to the Celtics game

Show Nana putting the remote control down and watching the


Show her watching, leaning forward, yelling at the ref, slapping

her knee, Screaming go Larry.

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