October 20, 2009
By Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
Rapture-Rey BRONZE, Columbus, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
The pen is only mightier than the sword, if it is used by the correct writer

Listen closely because I’ll say this one time

There are things out there that you just don’t understand

This isn’t your normal rhyme

They will not kneel on your command

They are not knights but beasts of pain

This is how you become one

Enter your mind, into your domain

Feel all the pain, all the damage to others you have done

Enclose yourself within those walls

Savor every cracking smile you get

Before the darkness appears, before it calls

Covering you in his shady silhouette

Feel anguish and despair

Push your fingers into your eyes

This is your death and rebirth I swear

Now you feel your real pain, now you feel your demise

The anger inside you grows

You know now the real feeling of being alone

Your Happiness was just an illusion

For the darkness knows

That you are all on your own

And the pain of unhappiness is just a delusion

As you awaken from the dream unreal

Lock in your emotions with a seal

Look around you and see the impurities

You are now done with all of your securities

You used to smile upon the demon of lust

But now you are a hollow make your sins Just!

As you drop to your knees and suffer

Things just keep getting tougher, and tougher

You find your salvation, a gun

Too bad, no light from the rising sun

Right before you pull that trigger

Right before you make that bullet scream

Right before you make God bitter

You had a dream…

And the Hollows had to sing…

“Welcome to annihilation,

Welcome to obliteration,

Welcome to your own aberration,

Welcome to your own Salvation!”

You realize that suicide is not your path

Now let go of all your hate and wrath

Unleash it on the demons within

This is where your Hollowed life begins

Pull the trigger and make the sins pay

For they will rue the day

They caused you depression

Defeat your demons and they’re evil obsession

I will fade back into the dark, do not follow

You are like me, like them

You are a Hollow

"…….Your sins are waiting…and your gun wants bleeders…."

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