New Bicycle MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   We sat in the rocking chairs

on the shady porch

you came racing up on your ruby red bicycle

a withered flower intertwined in your hand

you seemed pleased with yourself,

I can envision you though everything is blurry

and your lips are as red as blood

you cannot help but yawn, a deep exhausted yawn,

you sit with us 'til the dusk hits

chattering away

and just like a child,

your eyes, they grow bigger and bigger

with every passing fib and tale

I've got treasure in my pocket

a ten-cent diamond ring for you,

I'll take these flowers and I'll take you,

Let's be together and dance on a carpet of chocolate creme,

I can almost see you now

your pasty white skin

repeating my name over and over,

it floats in the air like a wisp of a willow,

happy birthday to you

I didn't know, didn't realize ...

but how could I?

I'm face to face with you,

you could reach out,

feel my skin,

I'd shiver and bite my lip hard

have this scarf,

it's so pretty, like me, like you,

I chained together the colors of the rainbow on a string

just so you could know,

I love ... I like you a lot

on Saturday, maybe we could, I don't know,

go see a movie or have a picnic by the golden riverside,

oh, just tell me if you need me

you're a daisy and I'm a purple aster (just a weed)

we never, ever laugh or smile

so what ....

You've taken this too seriously, you've taken this too far,

are we for real,

maybe someday we'll hug, probably not each other,

but an old stuffed animal,

or maybe I'll hang, upside down for a while at the park

before it gets too dark ... mother's waiting

I'll never forget your face, especially those lips

they were as red as blood in your heart,

they were pursed and twisted,

never uttering a word of the truth.

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