The Day Dreamers Dream

October 14, 2009
By JadeEyedGirl BRONZE, Grottoes, Virginia
JadeEyedGirl BRONZE, Grottoes, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Thou art so beautiful, oh my love."--Song of Songs 1:15

Laying down
In the cool soft grass
Under the bright blue sky
Filled with white clouds
Of imaginary shapes and sizes
The air is warm
It's beautiful
The birds are singing
The wind is blowing freely
I close my eyes
And dream
Just dream
It's perfect
It's magical
I'm not asleep
Though my eyes are closed
I'm free
And relaxed
In my own little world
Of pure euphoria
This state I'm in
Is purely wonderful
It's how I feel
And who I am
It's how I dream
The day dreamer's dream

The author's comments:
I loved to be outside and I tend to be the type that day dreams a lot, whether I'm outside or not.

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