October 12, 2009
By Apples_and_Boxes BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Apples_and_Boxes BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Dreams are like chocolates, sweet and delicate to a mind's fantasies."

Ethereal idea that tickles the state of avarice
Instant results to gratify, is it not nice?

With masked identity it comes to appeal
In mist it hides until made is the deal

Marked are you the victim, grim is your fate
Mercilessly it claims you, you’ve fallen for the bait

Opulent may the dimension be but never the heart
Off is the truth as all meaning depart

A rose for the mind with veiled compassion
Rise to the fiddler but be warned of its intention

Time is the most welcome of presents
Thy heart in its desire is transparent

An alternative choice you could have made
Now afflicted, you feel its never-blunted blade

As promised, life’s pleasures expand; now into its trap you fall
Swore did it to limitless bounty, here is your downfall

Imaginary is the everlasting illusion of Mr. Virtuoso
I’m only here to say, “I told you so”

The passing of time slows to a sickening pace
Turbulent to the flow of nature, it refuses to embrace

You realize too late, stolen heart filled with dread
You notice at last that everyone close is dead

The author's comments:
Acrostic poem written for a school project

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